Thursday, July 25, 2013

The crumpet tiptoes to the abyss

I have a Korean friend and a Japanese roommate. This situation quickly led to a kimbop dinner. Kimbop, which can be spelled a variety of ways, is a delicious food concept in which you wrap egg, pickled radish, carrots, spinach, and pickled gourd in a cylinder of seaweed and sticky rice, then slice it into snack-sized circles.

This is what kimbop looks like when prepared by Asian people.

This is what happened when I took over.

Here's another view of the carnage.

If you're white like me, stick to things like potatoes au gratin, where you can hack a bunch of root vegetables, throw them into a pan with cheese, and call it dinner. For foods involving precision and finesse, cultivate a diverse friend circle.

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